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Friday, 16 September 2011

Thing 19: Catch up week on integrating 'things'

To reflect back on the 'things'  then.. Well I think I have learned quite a bit about techy type stuff over the past few weeks.  I probably won't find a use for all of them but it was interesting to find out what's 'out there'.  we may have a use for them in the library, we shall see.  It has certainly gave me some things to think about.  I have learned how to blog, something I had no clue about before.  I even know how to put a picture on here now.  I have also set a personal one about greeting cards I make.
I don't think I shall become a Twitter addict.  I signed up for Linkedin and LSPN, whether it's worth it I don't know.  I'm not a librarian or a 'new professional' but I will keep them up for now.  I have posted a couple of things on the LSPN forums too.  Someone's post was interesting on the subject of the virtual world of Second Life.  I decided to sign up for it to give it a test out.  It seems there are a few library people using it for training and discussions.  It is very fascinating and you could be 'in there' for hours!  You have to remember you have a real life as well!  If anyone is out there who uses it, I would be interested to 'meet' them!

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