Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Thing 22: Volunteering to get experience

I have no experience of volunteering for any sort of work.  As an ex-factory girl at the time there were plenty of jobs around so no need to volunteer unpaid services.
As a library assistant I just applied for the job and got it.  I didn't seek out to be a library assistant or any sort of library staff, so volunteering my services didn't apply.
I can see the potential of volunteering however, especially someone who has recently graduated as a librarian and want to gain experience in a library.  After leaving printing college [that's another story] nobody would take on college leavers because of a lack of experience, so I can definitely back up the need for experience.  At the time nobody from the printing college mentioned about volunteering so it never occurred to the students - that's if employers would take on volunteer staff.  All water under the bridge now..

Thing 21: Promoting yourself in job applications and at interview

Part 1 Identifying your strengths.   To be honest I can't think of anything that my hobbies and pastimes have linked with my job.  The only thing I can think of is liking to be tidy and my stuff at home put in some sort of order much like our library shelves.  Although I don't really like shelf-checking and tidying!  On the other hand when it's done I can think - there goes a tidy library and look back at a job well done.  Oh yeah and I love books, so there's another connection, if you can call it that.
I suppose thinking about it I like to create posters and notices for the library.  Part of my pastimes involve being creative, i.e. my greeting card crafting.  I used to like painting and drawing too but never get time now.

Part 2 Applying for a job  Not looking for another job at present! Took me long enough to get  this one.  However there are some good tips on Thing 21 for your CV etc.  I have recently updated mine with important details of my current post.

Part 3 Interviews  See above.  Good to have tips for interviews however because in this really competitive world we live in now we need all the help we can get!  If asked about your hobbies they might make you stand out from the crowd.  The people interviewing you may see you as a good academic etc, but perhaps the other candidates are too, your hobbies say a lot about you as a person.  You may even have your future colleagues having the same interests!  I haven't got any tips for interviews except: ladies, don't wear a low blouse - it don't work.. ;-)

Friday, 14 October 2011

Who am I and what am I doing here? Thing 20: The Library Routes Project

Hi all
this post is for the The Library Routes Project I heard about in the 23 Things project.  Here goes..

After being made redundant from a knitwear factory in my home town, I decided no more factories for me.  The previous couple of years saw me going to night classes at the local college to do a CLAIT course and typing, from which I gained qualifications.  I was ready to leave the factory to seek employment in the admin world.

However I put that on hold when I met my husband and we started saving up for a house etc.
At the end of 2000 I had no choice but to seek admin work as the factory closed it's doors for the last time.
I then decided to join an agency and gained a little experience filling in for people at various offices in the area.
After a few months I landed a part time 6 month job at a local hospital in one of the offices, as office junior [!]  I'm not very 'junior' , not in years anyway, however young I call myself!  That contract ended and I had another spell on the dole.
Another job became available - this time a permanent full time job with the same hospital as Undergraduate Secretary.  This involved supporting medical students on placement at the hospital.  I was there for a few years before I got itchy feet and decided to do something else, that's when the post of Senior Library Assistant became available where I am today.  I have been at this post now for 4 years.

Not sure I want to further this and become a librarian.  If a post came along it would probably mean I have to travel a lot further than I do now to come to work. Not sure I want to do that, even if it is more money!  Also it is a very competitive market out there, not wanting to be too negative and appear not very confident but I probably wouldn't stand a lot of chance.  I'm not a young whipper-snapper either!  Someone like me at my age of ... ahem.... and without a lot of experience in libraries would be beaten by some young graduate I'm sure!
I am happy with what I do and happy to plod along as usual ..  for now anyway.

thanks for reading!