Friday, 11 November 2011

Thing 23: Reflection - What next?

Well then – this is it – the final ‘Thing’.  Reflection time. 
I quite enjoyed the course.  I learned some new things and got to read what other people get up to.  I was surprised of the various locations of people who took the 23 Things on too.
I even had some new books for my birthday after reading a review by one candidate and putting them on my birthday list!
On the subject of PDPs our organisation has this on its staff appraisal and review processes.  So I will be planning what to do next.  At this stage I’m not really sure.  At my last one my colleague made the suggestion of joining CILIP.  As you have to pay to be a member to have letters after your name, I said I would look into it to see if I thought it was worth it.  At this stage I am not looking to change my job or ‘further my career’ as in becoming a librarian, I am happy where I am as Senior Library Assistant. 
Not sure if I will keep this blog on or not, I suppose it depends if I’ve got anything interesting to say!
So for now ta ta..  happy blogging to you all..