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Monday, 5 September 2011

Thing 15: Attending, presenting at and organising seminars, conferences and other events

To start on a negative note - I have absolutely no intention of speaking at seminars!  I was never one to speak out in the classroom and comments on my school reports all said "Beverley never puts her hand up to speak in class", "Beverley is a quiet girl..." you get the picture.
My job as Snr Library Assistant does not demand public speaking of me.  If the need comes up then I would have to shake off my fears and get a grip.  It would only be to library users anyway, probably an induction to the library type thing.  I don't do any training.
On the positive side, I have attended 'learn and share library days' with other libraries in the region.  These are good because you get to talk to people and if you see them again at another event you can say Hi and feel a bit more involved.  The 'sharing' bit was good because I felt like I was contributing and not just sitting listening to other people.  Obviously the learning bit was well... learning - different ideas and new things.
As to organising events.  That wouldn't be up to me.  I could help organise, I'm good at PowerPoint!  but I wouldn't be saying 'I think we should do this sort of event'.  I suppose I could suggest an event then it would be up to my boss to say yay or nay, but this has never cropped up as yet.

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  1. Bevvo, May I invite you to go to and find a Toastmasters club near to you. You may never present at a conference (I personally don't think I ever will) but Toastmasters is for individuals like you (us) who never put their hand up to speak in class.